David Whelton, retiring Manager of the Philharmonia Orchestra, wrote recently that culturally Leicester punches well above its weight. Indeed the quality of Leicester’s Classical Music scene has never been higher, with the very best of musicians world-wide apparently eager to come to the city and to perform in front of large audiences. However, in recent years the media coverage of this vibrant cultural life has declined. Hence, to extend that coverage the Diary is now going on the internet.

The Diary’s aims will remain the same, to convey to the reader very much a personal response to the music-making based solely on many years of listening to classical music in all its forms. It may very occasionally seek to inform. However, above all it will try to be entertaining , hopefully re- creating something of the experience of being at a live event, an experience which is often so much more thrilling and illuminating than that of listening in monk like solitude to recordings.